A community space for refugee and make-shift camps.

In 2016 we collaborated with IOM (the UN Migration Agency), ARUP and LEAP (Laboratory for Effective Anti-Poverty Lab, Bocconi University) on the Maidan tent project.

We created a community space structure for the Ritsona refugee camp providing a safe and welcoming community area for the over 800, mainly Syrians and Iraqi, residents.


Project details

Client: Maidan tent.
Program: Community space.
Completion: 28/05/2018.
Size: 200 m2 - 2152 ft2.
Location: Ritsona, Euboea, Greece.
Collaborators: Arup, IOM, LEAP, Echo100 Plus NGO, BoaMistura.
Services: Architectural design, Fundraising, Production & Construction Administration.


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